Introductory To JavaScript - Learn The Basics of JavaScript

Learn the absolute basics of JavaScript and Get Started Right Away!

What you will learn

  • Understand the syntax and flow of JavaScript
  • Learn the foundations needed to begin programming and working in JavaScript
  • Gain a solid understanding of how variables are used in JavaScript
  • Work with strings and numbers effortlessly


Have you always wanted to become an online web developer or JavaScript developer? With all the different programming languages out there it can be hard to find one to start off with yet alone find a good course that will show you how to learn the language effectively.

Because of all this I put together this free JavaScript basics course that will show you as a complete beginner how to begin creating programs using JavaScript.

This course is created for anyone brand new to web development, or simply for those who know HTML, CSS, or any other programming language but have never worked with JavaScript before.

If you always wanted to get into programming then this course is right for you! Let's take a look at what you will learn throughout this course:

  1. An Introductory To Working With JavaScript
  2. The syntax and basics
  3. Working with Variables
  4. Understand how Strings and Numbers Work
  5. Everything you need to know in order to get started with JavaScript development.

If you join the course now you will get LIFETIME access, that's right even when I update the course and add new content you will still get all the new content for FREE.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the JavaScript programming language
  • Anyone who wants to get started as a Web Developer online
  • Anyone who wants to create interactive web and web applications online
 -  Introductory To JavaScript - Learn The Basics of JavaScript
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