How to make show more better with income Urdu version

We want to make a better show but we failed because of lagging on certain points that will be highlight in this course.

What you will learn

  • Well i believe that student will be able to make videos of show in better way and also they will be aware of basic mistakes that usually ignored.


Hi! My Name is Engr. Fakhar Shah i am an online tutor and work in a private Tech company in Karachi.I would like to describe this whole course here.This course is in Urdu Language 

So we all needs to be get aware that this is the time to show your talent,skills by your ownself infront of people.It's an era of social networking boom on social media sites right.If you are making a show on any topic over Social media sites and you don't know what points to follow, what steps to follow in order to make a successful show on any platform then this course is exactly for you.This course will make your concepts good regarding of making a good show.So in this course i will tell you :

  1. What important steps that needs to be follow when making a show.
  2. Video and audio issues and their solutions during live and recorded shows.
  3. Live streaming of your show on many social media platforms instantly.
  4. General demonstration of different live streaming softwares.
  5. Show by multiple camera angle view in live show on Social media site or in recorded show. 
  6. Taking ads during live show to increase your income.
  7. Promo video before starting of your show to have prejoined viewers before the starting of your show.
  8.  What basic requirements along with internet requirements should be fulfilled when making a show.
  9. Body and facial expression during live show
  10. MAC OSX installation on Windows PC to make windows PC like a MAC book. 

So make a show and aware the people who you are what special you can show to people by your own show/events live infront of audience like the TV show.Well i would refer you to take this short course, it's a complete package regarding the idea of making a show over many social media sites and on other platforms as well for this your software's API must be integrated in that particular platform.At the end just to inform you that i am giving the fully Wirecast 6 version to my students.Thankyou 

Who this course is for:

  • The people who are new to media line and also who are working on Facebook shooting live videos and posting recorded videos.
  • The student who is willing to make the show bestone with increase audience and also want to earn from that.
 - How to make show more better with income Urdu version
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