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Chemical Hygiene Training

How to play safe in a research laboratory

What you will learn

  • Learn basic chemical hygiene knowledge.
  • Know how to protect themselves in the laboratory.
  • How to read safety data sheet
  • GHS pictograms
  • How to label
  • store chemicals.
  • How to handle laboratory emergencies.


This is a training MOOC for chemical hygiene. The primary goal is to provide domain knowledge to the audience. These domain knowledge includes how to read safety data sheet, how to recognize specific labels et al. The second goal is to provide some kind of skills or correct responses in different scenarios. These skills will be like how to properly label containers with chemicals, how to properly deal with a leak in laboratory and what is the suitable reaction to a fire in laboratory.

Who this course is for:

  • New student that will join a synthetic laboratory , or anyone interested in organic chemistry.
 -  Chemical Hygiene Training
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  • 2022-03-11